Tibetan Garlic's Capsules

Tibetan Garlic's Capsules
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High blood pressure, high cholesterol levels and more.

Tibetan Garlic's Capsules


Prevent and solve problems such as: High blood pressure, high cholesterol levels and more... Tibetan garlic's  – Nature's antibiotic!


Living the modern way of life, we face a paradox: on one hand,

medicine's ever raising level contributes to the quality of life and prolongs it. On the other hand, the level of healthy food we consume is constantly reduced. The vitally important dietary fibers and vitamins from vegetable sources were replaced by food abundant in synthetic substances, saturated fats, salt and sugar.

All those contribute to the increasing tendency of hypertension,

cholesterol, obesity, heart problems and cause high mortality rate.

Under such circumstances, the importance of preventive and balanced diet can hardly be overstated. The rare properties of the Original Tibetan Garlic as Nature's healing and preventive antibiotic were proved many times in the past. Garlic is known for its ability to improve the blood clotting system, lowering the hypertension levels, reduce by 12 % the level of "bad" cholesterol in blood, etc. The secret of Tibetan Garlic is Halicin, the active substance. Its quick absorption in blood explains its effectiveness.

After a long period of development in its laboratories, based on Eastern wisdom and rich experience, "Secrets of the East" presents, for the first time,  Tibetan Garlic, based on ancient Tibetan recipe, which preserves garlic's medicinal properties without its strong smell and with no side effects.

The garlic is considered Nature's antibiotic and it assists in solving chronic problems such as high cholesterol, hypertension, ulcer, heart problems, fats excess and impotency.

One package of "Secret of Tibetan Garlic" capsules contains 500 mg.Contents:60 capsules.

Suggested use: 1-2 capsules a day during a meal.


"Secret of Tibetan Garlic" capsules- Nature's antibiotic